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[Pathfinder] Hell's Vengeace: The Hellfire Compact - LFP

Under the leadership of a zealous paladin of Iomedae —goddess of honor, justice, and valor—a new knightly order called the Glorious Reclamation seeks to purge Cheliax of its diabolical taint by overthrowing the House of Thrune and reclaim the country for its people in the name of Iomedae. As the uprising gathers strength, the evil adventurers must defeat the valiant knights and their celestial allies to stop the rebellion's spread through Cheliax and preserve Thrune's oppressive rule. Will the wicked antiheroes quell dissent and uphold the infernal laws of Cheliax and its diabolic rulers, or will the heroic knights of the Glorious Reclamation overthrow the corrupt House of Thrune and usher Cheliax into a new age of peace, prosperity, and glory? Let us all get together and play some edgy, mustache twirling villains!  -Game is Friday Evenings (615 pm CST) and will run for roughly 4 hours -Voice over Discord -Mature players(+18) only -Have decent roleplay skills For an application simply tell me a bit bout yourself the player, and the character you wish to play. :D 
Generally I am ok with all first party content. For an application to be considered I do ask that you make up a character synopsis as I gauge heavily off the character designed. Lot of things you can see from it, ya know? :)
I'd be interested in playing. I've played several Pathfinder games, although I've never had the chance to play through a whole AP. Having read through the player's guide for Hell's Vengeance, I'd try a Half-Orc Bloodrager, using the amoral mercenary trait. He may not really be a true believer, but as long as House Thrune pays well, he's fine with it.
Aight, cool, gimme a name and a brief backstory. Long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep the interest. 
Hargrimm is a half-orc mercenary somewhat infamous throughout the region. He has no real loyalty to anyone save who is currently paying for his services. He's been an enforcer for loan sharks, a bodyguard for petty nobles, a murderer for hire for people who don't care if it looks like an accident or not. While uncaring of the overall politics of the situation, the situation in Cheliax has attracted him because House Thrune is known to pay very well for people who do good work for them...