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Pathfinder Group tonight looking for 1 more player - 8:30 CST.


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Starting a new campaign with a group that is taking a long break from Rise of the Runelords. Doing a sandbox-style campaign, starting a 1st level, in Golarion, starting in Thornkeep. Relatively hard-core mode: We are doing char creation tonight. Caveat is that we have a 15 min time cap on char creation. We are also rolling stats, in order. For each ability score we are rolling 4d6 drop lowest. So what you end up with is what you will have to work with. Basically, if you roll a high charisma it would make sense to roll a Sorcerer or Bard. If your bonuses don't add up to atleast +6 you can re-roll. Don't focus on optimization, the sandbox style lets you make different types of choices for your character without having an expectation around power level. Classes are available from Core Rulebook, Advanced Player's Guide, Ultimate Magic and Combat, and Advanced Class Guide playtest. We normally play bi-weekly on Thursdays at 8:30 CST, but many of us just happened to have this Friday open. Right now the age range of the group is between 26-33, all dudes, though we'd love the diversity to add a woman or two. We've been playing PF for about 8-9 months on roll20. As GM, I have a grittier style, but I realize Pathfinder is basically a super hero rules system. Looking for other players who can fit in with our culture. We joke around a fair amount, we're not huge into method acting roleplaying (speaking in voices and such) but if thats your thing, bring it. Ideally a session has this composition: 35% fighting, 50% character/narrative discussion and roleplaying, 5% logistics and 10% making jokes. If interested email interestcurve (at)
Why would you possibly want to limit time for character creation like this? 15 minutes won't lead to much in the way of background stories.

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To the folks that have been emailing me: I got a wait list started: Rob j. - Andrew B, - Joey I. - Rackdam To Patrick: Just the mechanics (maths) is limited to 15 mins, feats, equipment, etc. . They way I think about it, the other 3 1/2 hours or so is about background and foreground. This is sort of a rags to riches type campaign where players start out with just basic ability (random rolled) and race and class. They shouldn't be relatively young and inexperienced, and grow into their power. Not sure if that makes sense.
This sounds so freaking interesting but why does it have to be on Thursdays! Aaaggghhh!
If it's on Thursday I would love to join in, would full any class you guys need. I will PM you. I am also available tonight.