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Serenity: Big Damn Heroes


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Serenity RPG, starting out as greenhorns, working our way up. Room for 1, possibly 2 players that are more interested in a good story than constant combat and can commit to being there most sessions in a long running campaign.  Experience in the system is NOT a consideration - most people don't know this system and I'm happy to teach you. Starting out:  Crew are hired by a ship owner who is onboard (NPC) and finds jobs - this is to introduce players to the system and get them immersed in the 'Verse, at which point we will continue as is or they can go their own way. We have a Captain, Engineer, Pilot, Companion, but open to a lot of options. If interested email me and Let me know your character concept, what you were doing prior to joining this crew, and why you would want to join them instead of continuing what you are doing now. No readers at this time please. Thanks, GM Stan
Hello FriendlyPickle! As a big Firefly fan I would be interested in joining your sessions, but I would first like to ask in what time zone you are playing as I am from the GMT+1 zone (central Europe). I should also mention I haven't played the Serenity RPG yet and would have to familiarize myself with the rules. Thank you in advance for your reply and keep flying! Greg
We are GMT-5 (think it says that in my post, but if not I'll add it) and play Sundays from 1pm to 5pm in that time zone.  No problem with no familiarity with the system, I always have to teach it to people.  My most important things are that you have voice comms (we use Discord), that you are there most times and try to let us know if you won't be so we can plan around it, that you speak understandable English, and that we all have fun.  You wouldn't be our only European. Thanks, Stan