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Aura/Health Healthcolors 1.5.1 to working on PCs


Edited 1522001399
I have this installed and set to bar1.  When I pull an NPC from my list it has the green aura and the fx run fine for adding and removing hp.  None of my PCs have the aura and of course adding and removing hp does nothing on them.  What would keep my PCs from having this script work on them?
Sheet Author
Your settings look correct. The one thing that I can suggest is that you make sure that the PC tokens are linked to a character sheet. If the token has "None/Generic Token" selected under "represents character" then the aura script will ignore it.
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
Also, if you don't have a max for a given bar, it won't show up.
It was the max bar.  For some reason it was blank.  All is good now.