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Sandbox not starting, getting "SyntaxError: Unexpected token |"

I haven't touched my scripts in months, and everything worked fine last week, but now I get "SyntaxError: Unexpected token |"
Can confirm.  I was happily doing some set up stuff.  I have recently added scripts so I was playing with those.  I thought it was something I had done to mis-configure group-init, so I tried disabling that.  Then I tried disabling all the scripts one by one, and was getting that error unless I had disabled all of the scripts entirely.
I also had to disable all 8 scripts I have to get it to go away.  Sandboxes broken?
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That happened to me too in the middle of  testing scripts...
I was just posting about the same happening to me while I was working on preparing the next weekends scenario and characters :(
Games that have been static for seven months, and games that I modified scripts in this past week are all giving me the same message as well. Your scripts are currently disabled due to an error that was detected. Please make appropriate changes to your scripts and click the "Save Script" button and we'll attempt to start running them again. More info... For reference, the error message generated was: SyntaxError: Unexpected token |
Same issue here.
Let try to keep these posts contained to the bug report. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
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(closing in favor of the bug post)