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[HELP] OGL 5e (maybe other sheets, too) -- How may sheet *user* add attribute-values as variables in text-boxes or other fields?

For example, I might want to say in one of the Bio section text boxes:  "This character is a level 5 rogue."  But I want the stated level to change automatically when the characters level advances in the main level field. So, I would like to do something like:  "This character is a level @{base_level} rogue."  Enclosing the variables in parens or brackets doesn't seem to work.  I was unable to find anything addressing this question in the documentation -- if it is there, please forgive :)
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Try @{Charactername|base_level}
Attributes will only be calculated when they are placed in the chat. So you could use the Features & Traits section of the OGL character sheet to put this information, but the text will only ever be displayed as, "This character is a level @{base_level} rogue." unless you click the chat button to send the trait to the chat window.
Thank you.   I will post this to the "enhancement" requests forum.  I think there would be many uses for this (Any sort of Dice pool that is level dependent, for example, where the max Dice is level dependent and tracked on a character sheet).