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fire emblem character?

so I am curious how to make a few of my favorite fire emblem characters in 5e. Alm, Ike, lucina, chrom, tharja, mayber some other. I want them to be as close to official as possible. any ideas?
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
You posted here in the Marketplace, so are you looking for art in that style?  Be aware, 'Fire Emblem' is a copyrighted/trademarked intellectual property, so 'official' style art runs some risks for a professional artist.  One or more of the artists can elaborate on this topic (I am not an artist). If you're looking for D&D 5e stats for these characters, that is outside the scope for the Roll20 forums. From the Roll20 Community Code of Conduct : The Roll20 Forums exist to discuss topics directly related to the use of the Roll20 program. Anything that more fittingly could be discussed on another website SHOULD be discussed there. Here are some good places to discuss that topic: /r/rpg /r/dnd /r/dndnext
no i am talking about what class or subclass would you give a character to MAKE that character in a d&d world
Gen Kitty
Forum Champion
Ah.  Then this is off-topic for our forums.  See my above post on good places to have this discussion. :)