There is a few floating around, but the ones using auras always seemed to leave auras on tokens as I removed them from the turn list or left the last one with an aura, I had to always manually remove. Or it used a timer that always ran regardless if I was using the turn tracker. So I set one up, taking a few and smashing them together, as well as adding a part to remove highlight when removing tokens if they are at the top when removed. This one will highlight the one at the top, make sure no others in the turn counter has an aura, and when removing, remove the aura if its the current highlighted one. on("change:campaign:turnorder", function (obj, prev) { //--remove aura on token if removed from top if(prev.turnorder != '[]') { var prev1 = JSON.parse(prev.turnorder); var prev1_token = getObj("graphic", prev1[0].id); prev1_token.set({'aura2_radius': '',}); } //------------------------------------- if(!Campaign().get("turnorder")) return; var turn_order = JSON.parse(Campaign().get("turnorder")); if(!turn_order.length) return; if(!turn_order[0].id == -1) return; var current_token = getObj("graphic", turn_order[0].id); //--set #1 aura current_token.set({'aura2_radius': 1.5,'aura2_color': '#FFFFFF','aura2_square': false}); //--make sure all turn tokens are no aura but #1 for(var i = 0; i < turn_order.length; i++) { if (turn_order[0].id != turn_order[i].id) { var unset_token = getObj("graphic", turn_order[i].id); unset_token.set({'aura2_radius': '',}); } } });