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Help on first macro

Hi all, trying my first macro and need some help. I'm trying to access a roll table and then run a roll query based off the answer to the first, however it jumps straight to the roll query without showing the result of the roll table. How can I change the code to show the output of the initial roll table before moving onto the query? Code example: /r 1t[ENC] ?{Difficulty|Easy, 1t[EASYENC]|Normal, 1t[NORMALENC]} where ENC outputs a result of nothing, easy or normal, and EASYENC and NORMALENC are tables with monster encounters listed. Thx in advance Jason
What you really need, is for your 1t[ENC] to be returning EASYENC or NORMALENC, then for your macro to be /r 1t[([[(1t[ENC])]])] and even then I am nut sure if you'll be able to get the thing to parse the square bracers properly.
Thx Aranador for the reply. I tried your suggestion and it returns with a "no table found with that name" result
The Aaron
Forum Champion
API Scripter
I think you'll have to do this a different way.  Roll Queries will get resolved before any inline or roll commands are executed.  You can setup this sort of thing with the RecursiveTable API script (this is pretty much what it was built for).
Thanks Aaron. Went with a simpler rolltable method. Will play around with RT another time. Trying to get my head around powercards atm. So much to learn lol.