Could be an idea for an update, or an API script? Keep me informed as I am very interested, most especially the first one. - Hovering over a card in your hand reveals the name of the card as it is in the deck (unnamed cards, of course, would be called "New Card"). This would be Amazingly useful for identifying cards that a.) look the same as another card and b.) cards that are simply difficult to identify just from the image. Right now, hovering over a card on Chrome shows the link, reading the file name as max.jpg, but does not show the file name in the image library or in the deck. - Useful and fast, but not very pressing: a token, map, gm token, etc., when right clicked, has "Assign to deck", which then shows decks that the token can be added to as a new card. Would speed up the process of adding new cards that are tokens already on the map.