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Pathfinder- Fury of the Northlands - Interest Check - Friday or Saturday EST Evening/Nights - Text-based


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For the last few years, I have been planning an epic campaign for my homegroup that has only steadily grown in content until it has become about the size of two or three Paizo APs. Recently, my homegroup broke up due to pregnancies, work overloads leaving little free time for games, and other adult concerns, leaving me without a group to run this amazing campaign for. What is the campaign, you ask? If you want the short description, it's a full 1-20 campaign that is high fantasy (but low on magic items) and heavily inspired by Scandinavian mythos. If you want a bit more detail though, it's an epic campaign that takes PCs from humble beginnings as huscarls and/or honored guests of a Jarl to legendary heroes who oppose a dark god and the savage minions that serve it. The campaign will draw a very strict balance between roleplay and rollplay, with enough opportunities for character development to please all but the most die-hard roleplayers and with pulse-pounding combat that will satiate the bloodlust of the most battle-frenzied player. About 75% of the way through the campaign, Mythic rules will come into play, although I will be incorporating fixes that prevent them from breaking the game. They will not be there just to provide power boosts, they will be there because the characters are true legends of the Northlands who have overcame some of the greatest threats spawned by the mortal world. By the end of the campaign, the stakes will truly be high and the foes they face will be the things spoken of in legends. The campaign has comparatively few magic items compared to the typical Pathfinder game, but each magic item is a thing of wonder and truly feels magical and evocative. The game will be using the Automatic Bonus Progression rules, so every item I include will be relevant and have their own extensive lore in-game. Magic items in this game are more akin to Draupnir, Excalibur, or Mjolnir, rather than Sting or the Mithril Shirt. You might find the rime-coated sword of an ancient sea reaver blessed by the One-Eyed God, a cloak fashioned from one of the talking wolves that feed on human hearts that enables a man to turn into a giant wolf, the blackened mail of a fallen einjeriar who betrayed the gods and was cursed to burn for eternity as penance for the lives he took, or even robes woven from the golden locks of one of the Norn Sisters, the goddesses of fate. Each unique magic item found will stay relevant throughout the entire game, so there is no need to worry about wanting to give up magic items whose fabled history you love and adore. Speaking from a mechanical perspective, the campaign would feature the following rules: - Level 1 - Maximum HP - 25 point ability score buy - Races: The campaign uses altered versions of Human, Dwarf, and Elf races, with each having a few subspecies that have their own racial abilities. Jotun, the children of the True Giants, and the Valkyrie, female warriors of the various races given a new chance by the gods as battle maidens, are also options for characters to choose. Orcs are present in the campaign, but are exclusively evil, so they are unsuited as player characters. - Most classes/archetypes allowed from Paizo (No 'techy' stuff, of course), with the slim possibility of allowing non-Paizo material* *I have conversions for several of the D&D 3.5 supplement 'Frostfell's rules, updated to Pathfinder. - Automatic Bonus Progression rules ( ) - Feats will be gained every level as opposed to every other level; Leadership (and related feats) and Sacred Geometry are banned - Michael Iantorno's Martial Feat Tax Removal will be in place ( ) - 2 traits plus a campaign trait, with the option to take a drawback - 500 GP (In a combination of equipment and hacksilver, the latter of which serves as currency) Is there any interest in this? If so, please note your interest so I can figure out if the campaign will potentially have enough applicants/players should I open up a recruitment.
i'm interested in joining  , are there any other rule we need to know about
Sounds great. i really enjoy a druid with the Vow of Poverty feat but I always end up in high magic campaigns. Also, i enjoy a balance between rolol and role. most games are 75% one or the other. please keep me posted. i am a 3.5 veteran. been playing since 3.0 came out. i have played in several pathfinder games and other than the loss of combat maneuvers, i enjoy its rules more than 3.5. i am 40, so no immature kid antics here.

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Scandinavian?  Wait, so Norse mythology?!  That sounds awesome!  I'd be down to play a Valkyrie who has to earn her metaphorical wings again or a Jotun who works as a hero instead of a villain.  What times were you thinking?  I'm on PST so I'd be 3 hours behind you.
I was actually hoping for potential player input regarding the time of the game. I am free to run the campaign on Fridays or Saturdays. The actual starting time could be anywhere from 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM EST, but that's about as late of a starting time as I would want due to my sleeping schedule. Each session would probably last somewhere between 3-5 hours each time, depending on how fast players progress through each section of the campaign and such.
im fine anytime after 8.
those starting time are perfect for me , and i can do both friday or saturady 

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I could only do Saturday with those times.  This is Text-only, right?
i can probably swing that. i have a game sunday night but ill see what i can swing with the wife. Shes asleep by 9 anyway.
The game would be text-only, yes. It would not be an asynchronous play-by-post though. Think of a normal online game, but with text instead of voice.
Sounds interesting, but I'm afraid I can only do Fridays and that's only if we start at 5 PM EST or earlier. Which probably won't go well with most other players. But still, if that somehow turns out to be ok with others, feel free to count me in on your campaign.
Text works best with me since I'm usually in a place where I can't talk normally.  If we decide to this game on saturday count me in.  I'd be curious to hear about the jotun and valkyrie races too.
I can do friday or saturday but I cant start until 8 or 9. Gotta get kids in bed. Text is best for me too.
Sent you a pm
so will there be a game
i'de be intrested its probably too late been waiting way too damn long to play
I wanted to wait until I had received my copy of God of War and completed it before I posted in case any cool new ideas cropped up. There were more than a few, several of which I was quite pleased to think up. I should have a recruitment up in a few more days. I have the feeling that this is going to be an amazing game!
Ejrik the Flamehearted said: I wanted to wait until I had received my copy of God of War and completed it before I posted in case any cool new ideas cropped up. There were more than a few, several of which I was quite pleased to think up. I should have a recruitment up in a few more days. I have the feeling that this is going to be an amazing game! Is this still a thing? Cause I'd like to be game!
hopefully we will get dibs and a link to the page.
This still happening?