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[3.5] chat window is broken


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I can't roll in the chat window and there is a bunch of stuff that my players did and I think that broke it for my game please help!!! Edit: the chat entries are entered but the screen from the editor wont change with it. i checked the log for from the little green box at the top and it led me to the log and it registers there but not the in-game chat window.
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Hey Jaekaido! The GM of a game can often fix this problem by  clearing their chat archive . Make sure you save the archive beforehand if it's important to keep a record!
yes it clears but then when i use any macro it fills with a bunch of stuff from my players and freezes again so i dont know what else to do the game's name is Fangs of the Desert its 3.5 and uses Diana's 3.5 sheet if that helps
i had copied the game and everything seems to be fine but i want to leave the game available for the dev and mod teams to look at so they know what the problem is if they already know and have fixed it let me know and i will delete either the copy or the original if it can't be fixed thank you for all your help
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Hi Jaekaido , As  Kirsty mentioned, a game's Creator is often able to fix issues with their Text Chat by Clearing the game's Chat Archive from the Settings dropdown on the Game Details page of their game (note: not Clearing your Current Chat Log from the My Settings tab of the in-game Sidebar). To clarify; did you clear the game's Chat Log (in-game) or Chat Archive (out-of-game)? If you were clearing the Chat Log, please try instead clearing the Chat Archive, and see if that helps.
well i had tried to clear the chat in-game i didn't want to clear the out-of-game one just because i wanted the dev and mod teams to see what may have caused the issue but i went ahead and deleted the game as i had made a copy of it and now the chat works just fine so we are going to use the copy which was renamed to match the original, so thanks for the reply. i will keep clearing the chat archive out-of-game in mind if it happens again. 
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I'm glad you found a solution that works for you. I'll mark this as resolved; feel free to open a new thread if you experience any other issues.