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Global Save & Skill Not Working


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Using the 5E OGL sheet, and get this error when I checkmark them. SyntaxError: Expected "(", ".", "[", "abs(", "ceil(", "d", "floor(", "round(", "t", "{", [ |\t], [+|\-] or [0-9] but end of input found. The ones on Attack (for Bless) and Damage (for Sneak Attack) work fine. Also I just noticed that when rolling Hit Dice for healing, the Druid class is rolling 1d4+CON, when it should be 1d8+CON
Is there a value set in the box? The first instance shows the text grayed out. This text is a placeholder value, but does not actually do anything. The first instance shows the text after being written in to the box. Which then allows the global save box to function as expected.
For the Druid, make sure that the custom class is not being used in the Character Settings
Kyle, thanks so much! Both issues are now fixed. For Global Mods, what threw me off was that when I checked Global Attack, Bless worked fine for attacks by default, but on Saves, it didn't work by default.  Same with Skills and [GUIDANCE].  It was grey, not black.  Same with Global Damage. The Sneak Attack was already there and lit up, but not the others. On the Druid, I didn't put in anything in custom class or change the default hit dice (that I know of), but the default was set to D4 for some reason. I've changed it to D8 and it works fine. Thanks again!