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Pixels and Dragons - Jungle set


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Hey everyone, a new map tile set of Pixels and Dragons is ready, this time a Jungle one. I really like how this came out and this time I included several variations of some tiles for better maps. Link to the set I blame Gabriel Pickard for this. I reccommend using Tiled to create maps, its a free software in which you upload the tileset and you easily create the map with the tiles (it also has a random placement option and if you want to research a bit more, you can make a terrain tool to make everything even faster) Here is a link with the right configuration to use on my tiles
This is exciting. I'm using more "Pixels" in my upcoming new campaign. And there is a jungle off the edge of the current map. AD&D 2e, Mondays. We may be starting up a Twitch stream as well. May we have permission to cast with some of your art assets in the video?
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Sure, and if I can get a link to watch the better :D