My name is Jagarot and I DM two games Friday and Saturday weekly from 4pm-8pm EST. The Satuday group is two sessions into a campaign set in the dwarven homelands. The game is focused around a old story told about a throne that will bestow it's owner with the power to rule over all the clans and remove the yoke of their recent elf conquerors.  Key setting information: The world is relatively young and features a low fantasy society in a mythic fantasy world. There are only four civilizations that are known to each other, the humans, the elves, the dwarves, and the dragonborn. The elves recently forced the humans and the dwarves to bend the knee. As the humans, dwaves, and elves all came into existence at the same time they are relatively similar with some small critical differences. The dragonborn are a imperial japanese based society that live in their own city state removed from the other three. All DND races exist and information about them can be obtained by messaging me or posting on this thread. Information for character applications: The current classes we have are Grave Cleric, Totem Animal Barbarian, Lore Bard, Devotion Paladin, and Old One Tome warlock. I do not have an issue with multiple players playing the same class, however I ask that they play different subclasses, or in the case of warlocks atleast take different pact boons. I also prefer players use Adventurers league rules for character creation, however I am flexible and willing to make exceptions.  I look forward to reading through your applications.