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Cannot load any table


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Have some problem with connecting. The download of the table is endless. If you need ready to provide screenshots, but i need to know how open console. It worries me because I have a subscription to roll20, and I would not like to lose the whole day. The problem began yesterday, at 7 pm Moscow time. Have Chrome browser, and didnt change it. Try to load in Edge, have promlem too.

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Chrome 65.0.3325.181 Win10 java is enabled and have last update Windows defender No one add-ons and extentions Console - up of this massage
Roll20 use Amazon servers for work. Now in Russia there is a struggle with Telegram and part of the servers Roll20 was blocked. Because of this, some players from Russia Roll20 may not load. It is treated by the use of VPN.
thx) не знал что они именно эти сервера пользуют) я надеюсь они перейдут с них, из-за этой проблемы