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A Green-Flame Blade macro that actually works...

Hi! First off, I suck at macros... which is why I'm reaching out for your help. I need a functioning macro for Green-Flame Blade that automatically scale with levels. As the spell works, no damage die is added to either the primary or secondary damage until 5th level or higher. At 5th level, 1d8 fire damage is added to both. Another d8 is added at 11th and 17th level. So... my Bladesinger wields a sword that's basically a slashing rapier. The base damage is 1d8 + ability mod (dex in this case). When casting Green-Flame Blade, the damage to the primary target is 1d8+(dex mod) slashing damage and the damage to the secondary target is (ability mod for casting the spell, in this case intelligence) fire damage. At 5th level the damage to the primary target would be 1d8 + ability mod slashing damage plus 1d8 fire damage, and the damage to the secondary target would be 1d8 + ability mod fire damage. Another d8 fire damage is added to both the primary and secondary damage at 11th and 17th level. Can someone help me with this and explain as you would to a 4 year old how I incorporate such a macro to my character sheet? :-p

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Bast L.
API Scripter
So, here's something I mangled together from the old cantrip calculation method (before they updated the OGL sheets): In the damage section, and the crit section for the first one, put in: 1d8 + [[-1 + round((@{level} + 1) / 6 + 0.5)]]d8 This is Pierce and Burn. If the type is important, mouse over the results. You can only have 2 damage types on one of these attacks, so that's a compromise. For damage 2, select INT for the damage stat, and just put in this for damage and crit: [[-1 + round((@{level} + 1) / 6 + 0.5)]]d8 It seems to work at the levels I tested, hope that helps (all of this assumes OGL btw). Edit: btw, this isn't from the cantrip list. I just made it one of the attack actions on the front of the sheet.