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4E Tomb of Horrors

If anyone has been around Roll20 LFG long enough, they know that every 6 months or so I get the itch to run a nice, oldschool, lethal dungeon crawl. This is a fairly simple and straightforward game, not a full campaign but more like a 6- to 8-session dungeon delve for 9th level characters. Consider this thread more checking interest than putting together a solid group, if there is enough response though, it could get going sooner. Important details: The way I run this specific game is a bit different than you may be used to. This means most all of your skill checks will be rolled in secret, and in-game actions should be very specific. "I search the hallway for traps" won't cut it here. I've personally tuned almost every enemy and trap in the game to be extra challenging. And most important, if you're not a fan of dungeon crawls, or have a history of flaking from games, this is not the game for you. All applicants should have a solid understanding of D&D in general, and at least a base understanding of 4th Edition, be able to regularly make session times, and should not have run Tomb of Horrors before. Game will be via Skype voice, so mic is mandatory. No text. If you're interested in finding out more or asking questions, you can contact me on Skype: Askren- Tentative session time would probably be Thursday evenings, EST.

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Sounds good, it's a lot too keep track of for a single DM but if you can manage it is actually pretty exciting. We all hate that meta-gaming heavy moment when the party ranger rolls a 1 on his perception check. So my questions would be: How many players would be allowed? Just how hard do you plan to make the campaign? AKA is it alright to take a more fluff rather than min max characters? Character creation rules? It is a interesting concept and I'd definitely love to try it.
I restrict all my games to a maximum of 6 players, but even that tends to get clunky and slow. 5 tends to be the ideal. Again, not a campaign, just a one-off module. It is, for those not familiar with this particular dungeon, extremely difficult. I've personally tuned every trap and encounter to be potentially lethal, so it certainly is not for the faint of heart or people who have a problem with challenge. Being that there's no social encounters to deal with, you will find characters designed for a long campaign with lots of social skills to be largely useless. You'd do better to stick with simple concepts and make a few backups. Standard 4E creation, anything you can find in the Character Builder, you can use. If you're going to take Theme or Background, you should expect to roleplay it, but other than that I encourage people to get creative and use everything they can.
Alex H.
KS Backer
I've run through it as a player once some years ago, but not as a DM. Am I disqualified? Also, depending on what time you had in mind, I might express interest in a weekly game.
Alright no problem with that. I also dislike games above 6 players, too chaotic, 4~5 is the best. I like challenges so no problem there, just wanted to make sure.
I wouldn't outright say no to someone who has done it in the past, but there would be a number of conditions that apply to what that player can and can't do in the game because of it. For example, it would step into the territory of ruining the fun of others if someone knew the module, and then prepared a character with the appropriate spells/rituals/items. Ideally I would like to have everyone be new to the dungeon, and all have some notion of the legend surrounding it.
Do you have a general idea of how long each session would run?
=/ My thursdays are already booked sadly but that would be delightful to get in ToH, been putting it together myself to run when I get the chance heh. Happy hunting!
Dave said: Do you have a general idea of how long each session would run? Somewhere between 4 and 6 hours, as they usually do.

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I would be interested in playing, good sir! Put me down as a warlock! I live in the Pacific time zone and I'm thinking 6:30 or 7 pm EST would be the best earliest start time for me.

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Askren said: Somewhere between 4 and 6 hours, as they usually do. I'm definitely interested then and Thursday evenings would be perfect. I've only heard of old school Tomb of Horrors in hushed whispers, so I'm curious to see how it would play in 4E.
Any spots open would be glad to join ! Thursdays evenings are free for me and can roleplay serious if needed. Good amount of experience as well =)
I haven't put together anything yet, but if people are interested, the best thing to do is contact me on Skype so I can collate people instead of sending out PMs individually.