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Arcana Denied: Sunday afternoon Pathfinder

In the middle of a large dry basin lies the metropolis of Tyr, home to great technology and commerce. Airships deliver goods to the various neighboring city-states and golden armored guards patrol a packed city with blades at the ready. For all of it's great technological advaces Tyr is considered by many of it's peers as backwards, for the rulers have determined that arcane magic is a danger to mortal man and must be cleansed. So the inquisitor hunts down those guilty of something they cannot control, while the majority of the city stiffles in the raising disparity between rich and poor. This is set to be a mystery / drama / intrigue city focused game. For the player who enjoys their roleplaying. :) Game Details: -Epic 8 or e8, this implies that the game will only progress to 8th level -Tech level: Technology aided by magic, airships aren't uncommon to see in the skies above Tyr, however a vast majority of the population have never seen one in person or been on one. Guns are commmonplace but are generally blackpowder varieties. Magic of the Material(Artifice / Alchemy / etc.) are allowed although heavily governed and as such magic and science have evolved side by side. The life of a powerful merchant lord in Tyr likely has multiple facets of his life enhanced by basic technology / magical items, whereas the poor commoner in the slums is living a typical life as traditional medieval type fantasy. -Tyr has a great deal of people who become mages. These people often cannot control their abilities and as such create disaster / destruction. Around 15% of Tyr's citizen begin to show signs of magical abilities and once the signs start it quickly builds until chaos occurs, ranging from the subtle to the overt. A man suddenly discharging electricity in a packed market, disintegrating anything to close. A young girl whose words are laced with subtle enchantments that make her words unable to be disobeyed. Someone whose very presence causes people to start hallucinating. Magic is dangerous in mortal hands. Character Creation Rules: -20 point buy -2 traits -Starting gold = to class -Spontaneous Casters only if arcane spellcaster at first level -Background skill rules
This would be interesting.  What time are you looking at?
Sundays @ 2-6 pm CST.  Sorry I left it out of the original post