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Mordenkaines Tome of Foes Content Description


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The new release for  Mordenkains Tome of Foes states that is has New Character Options. Explore deeper options for elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes and tieflings. Uncover rules for playing as one of the gith in their magnificent 5th edition debut. Does this mean, we're getting compendium content that is drag-and-drop character sheet friendly? If so, how is it we're getting this here and still do not have PHB & DMG yet?
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It is almost certainly a licensing issue. If Roll20 could include PHB and DMG content, they almost certainly would.
How is Mordenkains different? That's my question. When you read the description it specifically says Included in Roll20’s complete adaptation of Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes: New Monsters. Over 230 new monsters to drag & drop into your D&D 5e games. Each creature includes complete stats, one-click actions, beautiful tokens, and original artwork. New Character Options. Explore deeper options for elves, dwarves, halflings, gnomes and tieflings. Uncover rules for playing as one of the gith in their magnificent 5th edition debut. New Lore. Information on the Blood War - the endless fight between devils and demons. Easily search and share handouts on the devilish Lords of the Nine, the demonic Princes of the Abyss, the Raven Queen and her servants, and much more. All entries are fully integrated into the Roll20 D&D 5th Edition Compendium and will unlock upon purchase and launch. This product is designed for use with the Roll20 Official 5E Character Sheet .
I am sure it will be no different than Volo's that is currently out. It will simply be text available in the compendium without a way to add it directly to your sheet. 
+1. Although I appreciate the work done thus far, and with all due respect to the Devs, the ability to actually use the player options, imported to the character sheet, is a big reason why people want to buy a product. If they will only be able to read the material, they could simply buy the physical book. Why pay twice for something. Personally, I would pay for the physical book over the R20 version because its not tied to a platform and holds the same value if I have to add everything myself.  That said, there is great value in the adventures, and the volo's guide as example, because the work has been done (monsters, maps, etc.) That's great for me as a DM, but players are getting ready to bail and head to another platform that has the ability to build characters in the game with all of the options available.  For this reason, I think a bit more info (some, at this point) is needed to keep people from making their own assumptions.
They have said previously that changes and improvements needed to be made to the compendium before the PHB and DMG could be translated to roll20. It might be that the recent improvements to the compendium were part of that work and they are using Mordenkainen's as the test piece for it. Wishful thinking, but it's possible.

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While speculation is fun - major feature launches will receive a bit more fanfare than tucking it away in a bullet point on a marketplace item. At this time, Ed S is correct, and the information will be offered similar to Volos. We hear you loud and clear though!