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Sonic The Hedgehog RPG Custom system. Looking for game masters interested.

Sonic The Hedgehog RPG It's a mmo server for roleplaying with a simple system created by me. With the chats being a entire mmorpg that you can create your own character, level up them by completing zones and interacting with other people, like fighting and stuff, getting the chaos emeralds in the special zones... You basically live with your char in the universe of Sonic recreated on the Discord. With all the zones, fields, towns and temples from the games recreated. You can obtain ranks playing the game and upgrade your character defeating enemies. You can be a villain or a hero. A leader or an assassin... What do you want to be... The game uses a simple system using a die with 20 sides for most of the stuff, being fun because you need some luck and some strategy to help you out. And the story of the rpg will be made by the players itself playing the game and some events that will happen through time. After the events of Generations, when Time Eater was defeated, time and space got weird and new dimensions were created. But one dimension had no mobians and Eggman started conquering the world. And for some reason, because of the instability, Mobians from other dimensions were being teleported there. Find out what is happening and make your way living in this new world creating your own char, texting through your adventures with your friends and getting stronger to defeat evil or good. Choose what you want in the universe of Sonic. This is basically the idea. It's all on discord, not here, i think i can't find a method to place the whole system here. So... i'm looking for masters(or players if you want to just play it) that want to help me in this system. This message is not by any means made to tell players to leave this site or something like that. It's a public server invite for sonic fans. If you're are not into sonic or didn't get interested in it... Just ignore this post. If moderators want to delete this post or something like that because its against something, I don't mind, it's fine. I hope that i'm not causing any trouble.  I'm not going to post the invite link to the server, because if you really want to enter or know more about it, talk to me.
you can count me in as a player my discord is Goomba Luigi#0940 and yes you have to put the space
You have me interested discord is Knightwing126#9349. Usually never have time to fully sit down and play a dnd game so count me in
Gen Kitty
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