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Shaped Sheet 5E with Princes of the Apocalypse won't update on convert

I have sheet settings to target AC on attacks and to use proficiency dice.  When I open a character sheet from PotA they don't have those options turned on, even after converting.  Also, all their attacks are not attacks, just damage as a set number, no die rolling.  At this point, I have to go into each character sheet and set up attacks and damage and all my options that I want. Is there anything that can be done?
Sheet Author
API Scripter
Hi Omega, Please open all Shaped sheet and Shaped script issues on their relevant issue trackers: Shaped sheet issue tracker Shaped Script issue tracker Please open an issue for each issue you encounter, following the instructions presented when you open an issue. I'll need more detail than you have provided above. For example open a script issue for the AC on attack and proficiency dice. Try those settings on a new character (not converted) - does it work there? Help me fix the issue by providing detail and eliminating possible causes. Thanks.