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Char sheets for ... VtM, MtA, Scion and Scion 2E

I have created (with help and using originals from Roll20) character sheets for Vampire the Masquerade (V20) Mage the Ascension (V20) Scion 1st edition Scion 2nd edition if anyone wants a copy.....  message me! they are not traditional looking sheets .. but are easy to understand and use.. my reason is.. that when using powers/disciplines/purviews  etc.. you don't want to be halting games while you look through 8 books to find the write up on the power...  you can copy-paste it onto the sheet... and post it to the game..
Sheet Author
API Scripter
If you make a github account, you can post them on gist or github and make them easier to share. Is there a reason you aren't considering adding them to the official repository?
i tried to 'push' / 'pull' them.. but its not happened... i did it over a week ago..  with my github account... (probably did something wrong!)
Sheet Author
API Scripter
You can see which submissions are pending on this page:&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... There's a few WoD submissions by someone called jabelardo, i assume that isn't you? If yours aren't there, maybe something went wrong.
just posted on 'pull request'.. an alteration on the original Scion.. there were two errors&nbsp; (Hotbloodhypno) added a zip of the edited html file... but still not sure why the github alterations i make on my system copies don't get sent to the master files on your system.. if this pull request works... i'll use it to send up the alternative character sheets i created..
Andreas J.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
If you are&nbsp; Hotbloodhypno on Github, you should redo your commit completely, it have many problems with it and I'd guess you should double check&nbsp; github tutorial and&nbsp; build character sheet . Commit problems: It should not be in a zip file It have conflicts, you should make a new and add the changes there Is it a new sheet or improvement of the existing one? If it is new, only a html file isn't enough. If it is an improvement of an existing sheet, do the sheet worker compensate for any changes in the data of existing campaigns.
poste a 'proper' pull request i think..&nbsp; &nbsp;see what happens on tuesday..