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How to make a multi-sided token

I want to make a multi-sided token.  How do I do that?  I made a rollable table with two token icons I want, but don't know how to use that to have them represent a journal entry such as npc or pc.  In PotA there are two NPCs like that and I want to make more of them, mostly to make it easy for my PCs to become invisible by switching to a transparent token with an aura on it.
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It's not easy to find on the wiki (the page describes the Collections tab), but  here you go . Since you are a Pro user, you can use the Token-mod script to set up macros to quickly switch faces.
I was just looking at the wiki page you linked.  However, I think I want to accomplish the same thing OP does.  I have PCs that can shapechange.  I'd like it to be set up so that the player can right click on his token, select the shape, and end up with a token of the appropriate shape *that is linked to the character sheet for that shape*.  When I follow the directions on the wiki, I end up just with unlinked tokens.  Unless I'm missing something.

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For shapechange, maybe this would help? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... or maybe this? <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>... I don't think these are set up as different character sheets, I think they just alter the token, but I'm not really sure as I have not figured out how to use them yet.

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These just change the appearance of the token, not what it represents. I handle shape changes in my game with second characters that the player drags out, to replace their current token with, usually.&nbsp; You could change the represents with a token-mod command if you wanted to, but you'd need to have those other characters set up and a sufficiently unique name. !token-mod {{ --set ?{Form|Human,currentside#1 represents#@{Bob|character_id},Spider,currentside#2 represents#@{Bob-Spider|character_id}} }} or some such.&nbsp; You might actually need to use the raw character_id instead of the @{ } syntax because of the Roll Query. And as with all image things, this would only work with images that are in a User Library.
The Aaron said: And as with all image things, this would only work with images that are in a User Library. So if I bought, say, the D&D 5e Monster Manual, I'm going to have to download and reupload those tokens in order to do this? I think I'll just stick to doing it the same way you do - by having them drag out a new character.&nbsp; Just thought I was missing out on something all you smart people already knew how to do.
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Nope! &nbsp;That’s why we do it that way too. :)