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!group-init not rolling


Edited 1525131177
Can anyone help me?  My group init was rolling fine but adding the entire dex attribute to each roll so I deleted that bonus group and supposedly re added it as a DnD Stat. It now looks good in the menu but when I do the !group-init command I get nothing at all now. Any ideas?  Also, since many people have bonuses to initiative, is there a way to just use the actual ability on the character sheet called initiative so that it just pulls that number and adds it to the d20?   Like initiative|current or something like that?
Sheet Author
This may help Omegaman <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
Hey that worked.&nbsp; After perusing the link you gave me I tried what they have there but it didn't work either until I removed the formula part and left it at just plain "initiative".&nbsp; Then it pulled the correct numbers from the PC sheets.&nbsp; The link references something called "initiative_formula" which doesn't seem to work.