Welcome rollers to your weekly dose of community love! This week we've got your usual fare of dev updates with a new addition: an update to our code of conduct! Let's start with that. Update to the Code of Conduct There's been a minor addition to our LFG listing rules concerning linking to external websites! The new rule reads as follows: External Links The LFG Forums and the LFG Tool are meant to promote games and find groups to play with on Roll20. The addition of external links within the LFG areas of the site for promotional purposes (Patreon, PayPal Donations, etc.) or invitations to off-site communities (Discord, Off-site message boards, etc.) is prohibited and will result in removal of the post. Developer Spotlight Made links to Marketplace publisher page more dynamic and available in more places Bugfixes Fanburst API was sometimes returning missing or bad data, we've included error handling to prevent the jukebox from failing Marketplace publisher page bug fixes when linking to incomplete MP items Fixed a card duplication bug involving stealing and a user losing their connection temporarily Fixed an issue preventing pdf downloads for addons from being accessible Hi Rollers, Steve K. here. We're hard at work planning and implementing the next major update. There are several irons in the fire as we lock down scope and timelines. In the spirit of Roll20's philosophy to "under promise and over deliver" I'm not going to start teasing specific projects and features until they've taken more form. But what I'd like to do is talk about how we pick which features to work on and then plan that development. Even when the development team was only two people, we tended to split our focus between improving existing feature (bugfixes/polish/expansion) and brand new features. Now that the development team has quadrupled in size and we have bandwidth to work on more than one or two projects per feature release, we've kept that split of improving and innovating, with a slightly larger focus on the improving. But how do we pick which features to improve and which features to innovate? There are several aspects we consider when choosing projects. The first is that the majority of the development team are regular users of the app. We all run and play in games, many of us several times a week. We also all have pretty varied tastes in games, everything from your most OSR dungeon crawl to modern F20 to indie story driven theater of the mind style games. We use the tools and know what pain points we experience in our own games and which tools we wish we had to speed up play or remove obstacles to fun. The second source of information is direct feedback from the community. We hear you on social media and we read your suggestions on the forums. To help meet all of these goals we've brought on another new developer! Steve K. Roll20 Lead Developer Community Highlights Character Sheets This week, we have a cool sheet for "Outstanding Heroes & Extraordinary Threats"! Here's a sneak peek: On the Marketplace Each week, Dean - our Licensing & Marketplace Coordinator - presents some of their favorite packs submitted by our independent artist community: Do Not Let Us Die In The Dark Night Of This Cold Winter by Cone Of Negative Energy A system agnostic, single session quest for your ongoing game or a standalone one-shot that pits you with the task of saving a village in the depth of winter. Great theme, well presented, and something I hope everyone checks out Snap Dungeons Chromatic Bundle by Villagelder An isometric love song, Villagelder delivers possibly his biggest pack yet of every iso dungeon tile you could need in a semi-3D-adventure. Odinson's Swallowed Whole by Odinson Games Odinson Games' first pack on Roll20 is super gross and super cool! Perfect for inner space adventures, when your party is swallowed whole by a giant, or for those who've always fantasized about roleplaying as a fast food as it does battle to your insides. This Week on Twitch! Mondays 2PM PDT - our Blades in the Dark campaign with GM Bronze Girl! Tuesdays 3PM PDT - Roll20 What's Up, our weekly talkshow vid/podcast! Wednesdays 11AM PDT - VODcast of previous week's episode of Tomb of Annihilation with GM in Residence Adam Koebel! Thursdays 11AM PDT - our Burning Wheel campaign with GM in Residence Adam Koebel! Fridays 1PM PDT - our Tomb of Annihilation campaign with GM in Residence Adam Koebel, hosted on the DnD Twitch channel! Follow us over on our Twitch channel to get notifications when any of our talented casts go live! Pathfinder Highlights The intrigue continues with The Twilight Child , the third installment of the War for the Crown Pathfinder Adventure Path! Get your social skill rolls ready because the fate of the kingdom lies in your hands… but be warned, you will have to fight for what you believe in. Step into the first fully-converted Pathfinder adventure for the Roll20 platform and give our new official Pathfinder character sheet a whirl. We think you'll like it! Pick from 11 ready-to-play pregen characters or start with your own level 1 party and roll through the story with ease thanks to the complete set of fully statted NPCs and creatures, battle ready maps, and rollable encounter/rumor tables. Everything has been placed on the map for you and a simple click is all you need to check skills or create a random challenge for your players! Court intrigue plays a crucial role in this Adventure Path, which means that knowing or being able to find information on NPC motivations quickly is of the essence. Fortunately, each of the handouts have been carefully linked to help you find relevant info, and one reviewer who looked at this module confirmed that "What could be a chaotic jumble of moving parts has been elegantly adapted into this digital format so that you can get to the info you need when you need it." ( Bell of Lost Souls - Spoiler Alert! GMs only!). And when conflict does arise, "the mechanics as far as gameplay are some of the best we’ve seen with Roll20." ( Bleeding Cool ). Your noble court awaits, so pick up War for the Crown and begin weaving your web of intrigue today. Start your adventure with the Crownfall module, then grab the newly released Songbird, Scion, Saboteur add-on as well as the brand new add-on for The Twilight Child to keep the story going! And make sure you check back here for more as this six part Adventure Path unfolds. We hope you're enjoying yourself in all corners of the community! Have a great weekend! -Alex