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[Dice Macro] Set minimum dice result and add custom value to exploding dice


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Sheet Author
Hi! I'm working on the task of implementing some of the more detailed aspects of the rpg that I've created a character sheet for. Since I know that there is much more possible with dice macros than I've yet discovered, I'd like to ask you for a bit of advice regarding two use cases. Use Case #1 Every thrown die (of a damage throw) has a guaranteed minimum. E.g.: 2d6 + 4 always deals a minimum of 8 damage, even if the dice show (1, 1). I've found an example for this here , but unfortunately both the amount of dice thrown and the weapon modification (+4 in the example above) is flexible and unknown before the actual roll. The linked example seems to need a fix amount of dice. Is there any way to set the minimum result of each thrown dice without knowing the amount of dice and the modification (so setting the minimum value of the roll result won't work either)? Use Case #2 For each die that rolls its maximum value (a 6 on a d6 etc.) add a certain amount on top of the damage. It's basically the function of exploding dice without actually rolling additional dice but with adding a specific value to the result. I thought about using the normal exploding dice functionality but restricting the number of thrown dice to one (removing the "exploding chain reaction" part) and limit it's value somehow (see Use Case #1). But maybe there's another solution. Best regards, Loki

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Sheet Author
Hi, I solved Use Case #1 by myself. I used a Sheet Worker to check the specific weapon ability and create a macro that puts together the separate {1d6, xd1}k1 parts as often as the weapon ability states (with curly brackets around it). Then I stored this "damageroll string" in a hidden text field and referenced it during the roll. Use Case #2 remains a mystery and doesn't seem to be solvable with pure dice macro syntax. Kind regards, Loki