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Attacking confusion


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So,  I have a character that has or will soon have all of these things interacting with attacks: Frost Damage from weapon, +1 to weapon attacks and damage, situational Rage, situational Orcish Fury, Savage attacks on crits, situational Bless, and will at some point also have Savage Attacker, Great Weapon Fighting, situational Great Weapon Master, Brutal Critical on crits. Currently I'm able to handle everything except for Savage attacks using the character sheet standard options -- but I have a non-raged, a raged, and a Orchish Fury addon.  So 3 weapon attacks for each weapon.   When I add Savage Attacker ( the character gets this next level), I'm looking at adding a 4th for just damage so I can reroll the whole damage and then select the better of the two ( Frost complicates that as I don't want to cherry pick the best slashing damage and the best cold damage, as that's not how it is supposed to be, otherwise i could do the [[{1d12, 1d12}kh1]] - but I can't ---> also that doesn't show both dice rolls on a mouse-over in the chat, and I'd like for people to be able to mouse-over the numbers to see where they came from. Great Weapon Fighting won't require me to add another attack per weapon to the sheet, so that's pretty great -- just some ro<2's splattered liberally everywhere. However, if I later get Great Weapon Master (it'll be awhile, but I'd like to plan now), then I have to add 2 more attacks per weapon, one for raged, one for non-raged.   6 attacks per weapon seems ridiculous - fiddly to use - and it would consume a lot of character sheet real estate. Can someone show me an easier way with macros or API? I do not want the damages to auto-roll - I was looking at some templates and it seems like they are set up for auto-rolling damage, so I thought I should mention that. thanks,
Which character sheet are you using?  I don't know about the OGL sheet, but the Shaped sheet allows for attachers, which I think you could set up to manage your different attack options. It's got it's own Wiki, which is found  here .  I don't have a lot of experience with setting up attachers, but maybe someone can help you with that if you can't find the answers on the Wiki.

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Attachers sounds really interesting. I've been handling it by adding actions to the character sheet in the OGL, and my players click each of those based on what they need to add to the attack. In the case of a critical strike, they unfortunately have to click them twice. Sorry for the crude arrows in the image. As for Sharpshooter, he has two seperate attacks listed, one with Sharpshooter built in and one without. Hard to see, but you'll notice the bonus' are different for the top two weapons. ( Nevermind the bonus' are different than the rulebook, we're using the variant homebrew rule -proficiency atk / + 2x proficiency dmg)
Using the OGL sheet.

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There's the global attack/damage modifier checkboxes that you can turn on in the OGL sheet if you don't already know about them.  So that can handle Bless, and probably the rage damage.  Note that for Savage Attacks extra crit die you can just modify the "crit" field of the attack. (see screenshot below)  Other than that, you could nest queries into the attack macros if you want to go that route.  It would cause the player to have to answer a series of queries on every attack roll, though, so just having multiple attack actions on the sheet might actually be easier for some. You can add global attack/damage modifiers here - this takes care of Bless and Rage. Edit: Oh, you can also use the description field of the attacks to put some inline rolls in there (using [[xdx]]) so if you have situational damage it can just be rolled there and then ignored if it doesn't apply.  Here's where you add the description.  (note: also if I put "2d8" in the "Crit" field that would handle Savage Attacks) If I change the "+1d6 damage vs Lyncanthropes" to "+[[1d6]] damage vs Lycanthropes" you can see the difference in output here. The "2" in the bottom attack is actually a 1d6 roll.  This is probably a good place to roll the Orcish Fury die. Great Weapon Master's power attack option competes with Bless and Rage for the global modifier check box - but both Bless and Rage could just go in the description as well.  ie. "If Bless: +[[1d4]] to hit.  If Rage: +2 Damage" in the attack's description would call out both features and you'd just add them mentally to the roll if they apply. Edit2: Wow, terrible luck on those Bless rolls.  :P