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Importing Monsters from Compendium Does Not Import Most of the Spell Data

When I drag in a monster, the sheet does not include all the spell data. I'll get the names of the spells, but that's it. No spell information beyond that. I have to complete the monster sheets by dragging over spells from the compendium. I believe I recall a time when this did work correctly, but it's been broken like this for some time. I own physical copies of the Monster Manual, Volos, and Tome of Foes. I purchased them again on Roll20 (for roughly twice the cost) because the value of saving myself some time was worth it to me. However, currently, with certain monsters I am not saving any time. I primarily use the 5e shaped sheet, but tested on OGL as well to make sure it was broken there too and not just a sheet issue.
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This is a known feature/bug. The problem (as I understand it) is that spells on a sheet eat up memory. This is not a problem with a small number of sheets or spells, but adding a slew of monsters with complete spells can quickly drag a game to a crawl. I believe that MM creatures come with token macros for the most commonly used spells, but not the full  set. Since you are using the Shaped Sheet, you do have the option of upgrading to Pro, for access to the Shaped Script, which has a nice "Expand Spells" command that can take the list and turn them into full spells for every spell in the SRD. Even if you didn't want to maintain the subscription, you could set up a (huge) library campaign of all spellcasting creatures and vault them in at need.

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I appreciate your suggestion. That seems like it would work. The principle of the thing makes me super salty though, if I have to pay Roll20 more money to use sheet features that they didn't even create to conveniently access information I already paid for. I feel like the least they could do is give me the option to decide whether or not I wanted to import spells. Let me decide whether or not my game session can handle it. Rather than strip a feature from me that I paid for because the site isn't optimized well enough to handle it. I feel like I was sold a car & after the purchase the seller takes one of my wheels.
I have also noticed this. I dropped a bard token from Volos and I can see his list of spells but I cannot highlight anything action wise other than his weapon attacks. Shouldn’t I be able to click a spell for the macro, especially if it’s roll based like “sleep”
Hi everyone! Just wanted to chime in here with some info: This is a known issue currently- and one that we have been wanting to do because also would like this functionality :) As it stands, there was not a way for the character sheet to properly parse all of the information required and to pull it in. So keep your eyes peeled on our blog and twitter for any updates about this topic :)