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Edge of the Empire Compendium?

Sorry if this has been asked already but im using the FFG API Compatible sheet and was wondering if there is a way to either make my own compendium to keep my players from having to manullay add items and weapons with all there stats to the sheet or if there is a system setup to get around that. Any help would be greatly apprecited.
Pat S.
Forum Champion
Sheet Author
Hi Maff, There is only the D&D compendium at this time but the devs are happy to discuss bringing additional content to the Compendium. Please email with the answers to a few questions listed on the  Compendium wiki page . We also offer the Suggestions & Ideas forum, which is based on voting from the whole community. Please review our Forum Voting wiki page for more information on how voting works, and our Posting to Suggestions & Ideas section of the Code of Conduct .