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APPLICATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED! Hello and Welcome! I'm Eustella, one of the players for Carnik. We are just starting this new campaign off and need more players! We currently have two players - excluding the DM - and we are looking for 1-3 more. We play casually and enjoy trying out new things. Currently we include things from VGM, Unearthed Arcana - minus the revised classes - and Elemental Evil. (With some Homebrew added.) Stats are determined by dice roll. Roleplay is the main concern. New and experienced players are always welcome, any gender or age! Discord will be used during play time and you will be expected to be in the voice channel. If you are selected, we will add you and you will be sent a link to our server. The currency exchange rate is; 1 copper = $0.01 1 silver = $1 1 gold = $100 1 platinum = $1,000 What's the Story? Welcome to the world of Carnik. You are a refugee, heading to Darsoul. There is a war waging in Realmer, and you are escaping in order to pursue your own ideals, a better life. This is a world of endless possibilities, endless stories. You are here to write your own tale. Disclaimers. We will be starting at level one and no custom classes are allowed. Combat is still in place, but the main focus is roleplaying and character building. We don't want you to play a hollow husk of a character. Even so, there will still be experience granted if no combat happens, depending on how well you roleplay your character. Character voices are recommended, even if it's your voice in a different pitch. Keep in mind that we will goof around, but we mainly want to go for a story-oriented feeling. We are looking for characters that want to adventure and prefer and/or want to be in a group, mainly for convenience sake. They don't have to be a good person or even have a 'good' reason to be in a group, but we want to avoid having the DM bouncing between four different scenes consistently. When Will We Play? We will be playing biweekly, on hopefully Thursdays, but we will be flexible with the schedules of new players. Our current group is currently in the Central Timezone. If you are in a different timezone, we will gladly work with you! We aim to play bi-weekly. Sessions will last around 2-4 hours. Now, Your Application! Please respond to the thread with this filled out; Your Name/Nickname: Your Age: Your Timezone: Your D&D Experience: Discord ID: Character's Name: Character's Gender: Character's Race: Character's Class: Character's Alignment: Character's Background: (3 sentences will suffice, you don't have to go too into detail.) Any Questions: Thank You! We appreciate the time you put into reading - and hopefully applying - and I hope we'll be playing together soon! We hope to get back to you within the week and perhaps schedule a brief interview.
Wait. We'd get our copper/gold/etc with real money?
God I wish. But no, it's basically so you get an idea of how much it's worth, since some have used gp as essentially dollars.

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Hey! myself and a friend would be interested in playing with you but our schedules often make consistent playing difficult since he is a first responder and im in the military. bi-weekly makes this less of a problem which caught my attention in the first place i was just curious and would love to hear back from you! Your Name/Nickname:Blake (araali, spook, trash, whatever lmao) Your Age: 22 Your Timezone: Eastern Your D&D Experience: a couple campaigns and one shots Discord ID: Salt.#7623 Character's Name: Undecided as of yet Character's Gender: Male Character's Race: Orc (this can be changed if disliked) Character's Class: Barbarian Character's Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Character's Background: Orc barbarian that was left behind with his dying mother by the clan due to his mothers "human-like" thoughts and actions. He grows alone in the wilds facing an internal battle of his mothers wishes and his inherent desire for violence and destruction. Any Questions: (i love some good combat but I pride myself on in depth, put together characters as does my friend. we are very fantasy driven)

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Your Name/Nickname: Noah Your Age: 19 Your Timezone: CEST Your D&D Experience: DMed a lil but listen to a ton of podcasts so rules and mechanisms for both RP and Combat are pretty thorough.  Discord ID:Sigma#5708 Character's Name: Bash Ramdale  Character's Gender: male Character's Race: Goliath Character's Class: Barbarian Character's Alignment: Lawful neutral Character's Background: Me is Bash, Bash Ramdale. Bad Man did bad to Pa Ramdale. Uhhh. Pa find me when small... Pa be nice and keep Bash. Uhhh Bash must find bad man. Bash strong but not strong with head, Bash find ... uhh... someone to help find bad man... people say help in Darsoul. Bash is a Goliath who was found by Sir Ronald Ramdale after a skirmish against goliaths and took him home and raised him as his own but as Bash grew to 14 an assassin killed Sir Ronald and Bash is seeking revenge for the murder but all he has is a token, the assassin's trademark. Bash now heads to Darsoul because people of his town tell him it will lead to answers. Any Questions: Homebrew or Module campaign? In the time i took writing this someone posted the barbarian above Nooooooo.... oh well i will change if it comes down to it. just let me know.
Your Name/Nickname: CrazyPhill Your Age: 24 Your Timezone: PST Your D&D Experience: First started on pathfinder a back in 2016 and just started playing 5e for about a year now.  Discord ID: @CrazyPhil#0848 Character's Name: Venris Longarrow Character's Gender: Male (age 17) Character's Race: Human Character's Class: wizard Character's Alignment: lawful neutral  Character's Background: TLDR: 7th son/daughter of the Longarrow family. Nobody paid much attention to him. He took up an arcane tutor who specialized in Necromancy. And for him, she was more of a mother and role model then anyone in his household. So having no interest in politics nor the lifestyle he's been living. Venris departs with his tutor, to begin a life of adventure and further his magic practice Any Questions: None! Hopefully everything works out for the both of us :)
Your Name/Nickname: Colin Your Age: 18 Your Timezone: CST Your D&D Experience: Played a few campaigns a few years ago (mainly Pathfinder and D&D 3.5e). I'm definitely going to be a little rusty, but I know the general ins and outs of RPG games! Discord ID: colin#6912 Character's Name: Elias Phiren Character's Gender: Male Character's Race: Half-elf Character's Class: Monk Character's Alignment: Chaotic Good Character's Background: (I'll try to keep this as short as possible. I always go way too deep lmao) Elias was born to a wealthy human noble and his elven mistress. Despite the political backlash, his father still cared greatly for Elias and his mother. When Elias was barely above the age of 4, his father was assassinated. Having nowhere else to stay, him and his mother sought refuge at the nearest monk monastery; it was there that Elias learned his spiritual and combative training. When Elias turned 19 years old, he started to seek revenge on the man who murdered his father. It took three years for Elias to finally find the assassin and ensure justice was served by killing him. The monastery disapproved of Elias's actions and cast him away, so he had to leave behind his life and his mother. It was then he headed to Darsoul to find another purpose for himself. Any Questions: Nope!

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Hello! I'm the friend of Araali! Like he said I'm interested as well in playing but work strange hours i.e 24 hour shifts or inconsistent days from week to week. I'm usually free on Thursdays due to my class schedule so I hope it wont be too much of an issue. Brian/Breean/Kev/Kevin 21 years old Eastern standard time Been playing dnd on and off for 4 years or so. Last campaign lasted a year or better. All campaigns were 5e, most the time I filled a support role/healer. But feel comfortable in any role or playstyle if needed. discord ID is Breean#9408 Character Details Name-Bavid Dowie Male More than likely and elf or human but havent looked into extended literature, am currently in class lol Class will be a bard I prefer to play this Character Lawful Evil, and can give a explanation of playstyle if there are questions, but rest assured I'm not a murder hobo or anything background- I've been a traveling bard following the war front collecting stories and songs to spread through the land of the travesty and I'm making my way to a Central City to make a name for myself. Gold, fame, and power from the voice are my motivators and I'm not afraid to get my hands dirty to get a good story if I think itll make me some fast coin. only question would be if there a specific need for a combat role, whether it be a tank, healer, support caster, ranger or whatever. Can play most classes comfortably.
Hey! I like the sound of this campaign; I'd really like to be in something roleplay and story focused. Name: Jenny Age: 23 Your Timezone: MDT (Mountain Daylight Time) Your D&D Experience: A few one-shots and weekly Adventurers League games at my local game store. Discord ID: Snowflying#3605 Character's Name: Merin Shimmerfall Character's Gender: Male Character's Race: Aasimar Character's Class: Divine Soul Sorcerer Character's Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Character's Background: Born with bright blue eyes and shimmering silver hair, Merin showed signs of being touched by divine power at birth. His parents were persuaded to apprentice him to a local temple, where he performed wonders of magic for the worshipers there. Eventually he grew tired of being told how to use his gifts and struck out on his own, falling in with some shadier pockets of society. Any Questions: Are subclasses from Xanathar's Guide to Everything allowed?
In case anyone has missed it above, applications are now closed and we will be reviewing those who have replied before this message.