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[LFG] [5E] Seeking a group long or short term!

Hello! I am a newer player to Roll20 looking for a group to try this crazy thing out with! Having a long history with D&D, I am just recently starting to play again. Given that, I would love to join a group for a brief one-shot, or a longer journey. I have almost no history with the published adventures from 5E so even those would be fresh and interesting as a starting point! As a role-player I take specific pride in developing new and interesting characters and discovering - with the group - all the hilarious and interesting ways to go about interacting and discovering the world. In the real world I'm in my early 30s and have a decent amount of flexibility in my schedule, and as such can work around many - though not all - typical gaming times. I exist on the west (best) coast in the pacific time zone, for those who would require that information. That being said, I'm always happy to answer questions if they arise. Hopefully we will be able to find some common ground and embark on a journey into the wilds! Cheers
my group has a game on wednesdays with an 8est start time if you're interested.
Yeah, I'm totally interested. Drop me a line or PM with what I should or could need to know.
I run a Noob Game on Tuesday nights at 6 pm MT if you're interested in getting back into the game. I'm working on a West Marches Game but that probably won't launch until the fall as I'm still working on the game map.
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By default a link such as ... is only visible to players already in the game, and only Plus and Pro subscribers can make their games visible to the public , but even then people not in the game can not post to the forums. The best way to handle this situation is to create a Looking for Group listing ; even if you do not enable it for viewing in the LFG Directory you can share the link with others and have a separate Listing Discussion forum just for those potentially interested in your game. As a bonus, anyone who posts to your game's Listing Discussion forum will have a big blue button by their username and all a GM has to is click 'Invite to Game' and an invitation will be sent their way. I hope this helps, happy gaming! :)