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Questions re: Western Character Sheet.

Currently have a free account but will upgrade soon. Just getting the feel of the system and setting up the tabletop. Boothill is the game I am working on. My question basically is about a character sheet. One recommendation I saw was to add a similar character sheet and adapt it. Another method is listed as simply creating your own. As regards a similar character sheet, Top Secret also uses d100 and has some similar features. What would you recommend for this?
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If you need to ask this, to be honest, you may not know exactly what you're getting into. I'd try to find a character sheet that looks similar to what you want, but is also fairly simply under-the-hood. To do this, you'll need to go to the roll20 character sheet github site, and browse through the folders there, looking at the preview pics and the code files, and see which of them look like ones you could edit to fit your needs.  You'll need to ready to pick up some html and css skills, and optionally javascript, but the forum is happy to help out if you get stuck. Bear in mind: you don't need  to use a character sheet to run a game. You can use the Attributes and Abilities tab to define your stats and macros. It won't look pretty, but it works and is pretty simple to use.
thanks for the info