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[LFP] [Homebrew System] GM Looking for Narrative Driven Players for Campaign in Early Development System


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Hello, everyone! I'll try to break this down into a few sections. **The GM** This is a bit new for me and I'm looking to reach out to the online community. Typically, I play in and GM campaigns locally with my wife and friends. My experience is mainly with more narrative-centric systems such as Exalted 1-2e and Dungeon World, however, I've played DnD 5e and Anima a fair bit. Now that I'm getting more of the building blocks together for my system, I need to reach out to players outside my normal group. **Players** I'm looking for players who enjoy a good balance of combat and story. More importantly, I'm looking for those players who also are flexible and understand tweaks may happen over the course of the game. Go with the flow kind of people. Balance and changes to the system are actively being developed and feedback from my normal group has been solid, but I need more tests. Whether you're Critical Role fans looking to try out a game for the first time, a complete and utter newbie, or passionate players who try every game under the sun, I'm open to it. If players do not have enough d6s for the dice pool system yet, do not worry, we'll figure something out. Also, open to discuss and really work with players on back stories, answer questions, etc. No need to be a murder-hobo; if you're looking for an epic campaign with something other than dungeons, that's my goal. **The Game** The game system is intended to be a narrative focused d6 dice pool game with high fantasy elements and some grit smothered in there. Characters are a combination of class (perks and abilities) and their traits, skills, and advantages. Multiple races to choose from between humans, dwarves, and elves (each with their own setting flair) to custom setting races. Without droning on, it's a magical world with floating islands, skyships, and tons of exploration to be had if you're into high adventure. I'll provide players access to the trimmed rules and more complete classes. **If Interested** Let me your experience, preferred times to play, preferred session lengths, favorite character types, and what type of finer details you might like in a campaign. Again, looking for a fun group who would enjoy a campaign that isn't just a dungeom crawl and would be able to accommodate a rough-around the edges system as it's polished down the road. We might use Discord if needed for information exchange, updates, and meet-and-greet, but I'd like to use Roll20 for the gameplay -- if we can get a group on here. Hoping to play bi-weekly. I operate on EST but am open to try and accommodate players. Also: if you have any questions here feel free to ask or pm me.
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Just keep in mind that only games hosted on Roll20 servers can be advertised for via Roll20 tools :)

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Absolutely! Plan is to use Roll20 :). Updated the post explanation to be more clear.
Bump to inform people that there are 2-3 slots remaining and to keep it open to interest here a little longer.
I have only played a one shot but I am a quick learner. I would currently rather to play maybe during the week in the afternoons I'm in central timezone and when I have time it is typically all day so length doesn't matter. I have only played as one character (tiefling wizard) so I can't say I have a favorite type.

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Hey any room left? Let me your experience, still fairly new but i know all the rules pretty well because of CR and a few games I am in. preferred times to play, I can play most days besides mondays and some sundays preferred session lengths, the longer the better favorite character types, all character types and what type of finer details you might like in a campaign. still too new to know but i like when you include character backgrounds or class choices? into the campaign.
Messaged you both! At this time we'll probably be filled up then.