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D&D 5th edition cool sword names

I am playing a Hexblade Warlock and I am trying to find the perfect name for my pact blade sword.  I have a few ideas so far but nothing that gets me really excited.  I would appreciate some suggestions from the Roll20 community.  The appearance and properties of my sword have yet to be defined.  I'm waiting for a good name to build around.  I will add all the good suggestions to my post up here.  Maybe this can be stickied or something so that other people can come here for ideas in the future.  Here is the list of names I have compiled so far by combining my own ideas with some suggestions from my friends... Heart-Eater Widow's Wail WidowMaker The Oprhaner Black-Star El Nino Muerte Chingaso Madre Last Rights
Gen Kitty
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