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Converting OGL to Shaped - Bug in spells?

Hello, I converted Curse of Strahd from OGL to Shaped and I am trying all and I have encountered the following issue while using Sacred Flame spell of Acolyte: If I import the same spell from the SRD it works nicely. Is it a bug?
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Please use the sheet issue tracker for all issues encountered using the shaped sheet. You can find a link by clicking the bottom left of the sheet. Please try dragging an acolyte from the SRD to see what occurs. Perhaps this is a translation issue, though if the SRD case breaks it will be much easier for me to debug. Otherwise I will need more details.
Ok here's my try: if I drag an acolyte from SRD to an existing acolyte the problem still remains: Sacred flame not usable if I drag an acolyte from SRD to a new token it creates the acolyte sheet and I can use Sacred flame, however it just print the spell info: Posted on Issue tracker also, thank youy
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Creatures in the SRD and Monster Manual are stored with spell names only, pretty much. This is to keep overhead down, since many character sheets with many spells create lag. With a regular membership, both shaped and OGL sheet require manual spell replacement by dragging from SRD. With a Pro subscription, the Shaped Script allows you to expand spells with a single command.