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[Carry Tokens] Question

Is there any way to assign a token to carry one another through chat commands as opposed to using the in-chat menu?
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That's Stephen L.'s script? If you don't get a response soon, you can send him a  PM . You might want to edit your question title (if possible) to put Carry Tokens in [] brackets, or put in the keyword [script]. That seems to gather more attention.

Edited 1527172954
The command appears to be the following: !CARRY_TOKENS_CARRY_BELOW @{selected|token_id} @{target|token_id} (for carry below, of course) Edit: Looking at the help, doesn't look like the author documented the various commands anywhere, but you can either guess that they are similar to above, or click each option in the chat menu, one at a time, and the press your up arrow to recover the chat input.  (it's how I got the example command)