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World Cartography Help?

I find the most difficult part of map building is getting started, because my ideas tend to fluctuate from very fine details to broad details and vice versa. The first issue I have defeated is travel distances. I have by walking set at 3 miles per hour, wagon set a 9 miles per hour, boat by 12 and air by 15. (I plan to have a calendar system that keeps track of time of day, etc too) My next issue is, do I just have one large continent to start (longest point A to point B is only 200 miles thus far. Which translates to 2.7 days in-game travel time on foot) , or should I have two medium or three smaller ones? (The more continents, the less travel time its going to be)  Ideally, I would like my players to eventually travel to other continents or even the other side of the world, but I want it to feel semi-real, where it takes time, but gives the journey a sense of meaning too. I don't want to say, you're there or drag them out through a land of nothingness. Which brings me to my next issue. In the past, I have pre-designed locations to discover in previous campaigns, but in this one, I kind of want the players to play a good role in building their world themselves. Depending on how they act, who they interact with and why, will create areas around them to discover and explore. That decrease the amount of time I need to plan, but I will need to be quick and placing the assets on the map. Thoughts? Advice?
Gen Kitty
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