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bored 5e DM looking for a game to be a PC in..........

bored right now since I work nights. I pretty much have all morning to play D&D most days. I run 2 games on saturdays so I am looking for a weekday game where I could be a player. If there are any 5e games running during the morning hours (united states Pacific Standard Time), I would be interested in joining.  thanks. T.
Good luck with that, I DM alot too, but trying to find a game is tough, A DM is alot like a Tank in WoW, once he q's up to play, then 100 DPS are fighting to get in line lol.
true. I always want to play as a PC but there's no viable games to play, and those that I do happen to get into are really crazy and rules broken to the point that playing in it is like sitting in the back seat always asking "are we there yet" while the DM and their friends pretty much is the star of the show. I give up after awhile and just DM again.
This thread is my whole time with D&D. Every time I find a game with nice enforceable rules and smart variant options and UA stuff blocked outright -- it tends to be on a workday or something. Sucks.