GREAT NEWS! The Charactermancer has officially launched, and you can use it in your games starting right now! Read up about the Charactermancer and other features launched as part of our huge June 26 site update. After much teasing , we’re excited to fully reveal our newest addition to Roll20: the Charactermancer! The Charactermancer will guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a character, helping you choose your class, stats, spells, and more. For Pro users , it is available for testing RIGHT NOW on the Development Server, so get in there and test that Charactermancer magic! We’d love to hear your feedback and our developers have created a forum thread where you can share that here (Pro users only). The Charactermancer will be utilizing content from specific Roll20 official licensing partners. The version currently available for testing can build Level 1 D&D characters from scratch or in conjunction with Compendium data (including purchases), and we will be adding more features along the road! Keep an eye out for more officially supported systems and new functionality in the future, too. ;) Once you’ve built your character, you can add or edit spells, equipment, and more from the Compendium like always, and your character will be ready to adventure right away since the Charactermancer will build them right inside your Roll20 game. We’ve wanted to add this sort of tool to Roll20 for years, and it’s important to us that we do it right. Our Lead Developer, Steve Koontz, talks about the history of the Charactermancer tool here on the Pro forum (Pro users only) and why we believe that now is the time for us to deliver this new feature and make it amazing for all of you. That’s right: ALL of you. Roll20 remains committed to making basic features available for free on our virtual tabletop, and the Charactermancer will join our suite of free tools when it launches. Additionally, OGL rules will continue to be available for free for supported systems, and we will be talking more about the gears that turn this magic wheel in future weeks so that Pro users can build and share their own custom Charactermancers in time. While the Charactermancer is in beta on the Development Server, please help us via feedback (Pro users only) as we will be actively adjusting features and adding polish for a public launch. And if you aren’t a Pro subscriber , please be patient as we prepare for the launch of the Charactermancer to everyone in the near future!