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DM looking for 3-5 players for long term D&D 5E campaign.


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Hello all, as the title says I'm looking 3-5 dedicated players with flexible schedules to start a long term 5E game. looking to run 2-4 games a month. About Me: Im a 27 and I've been a DM over 13 years. I'm in the PST time zone but very flexible with times and days as long as I have like a week's notice. I like to run games loose (rule wise) with a fair mix of combat and role-play. My games tend to have very dark themes with mature content, and are expected to be treated serious by the players. That being said what's D&D when you take things to serious without some laughing and joking? I like to build my games around my players and keep things as dynamic as possible.  About You: Experience is nice, due to the difficulty of my games, but not required as long as you are willing and motivated to learn. Looking for people who can take a games story serious while maintaining a sense of humor. I like my players to be invested in the story with in-depth and interesting characters. I'm more interested in your characters personality then their class or race. Rules lawyers are a no go. I'm pretty loose with rules as it is and slowing down game play to argue over a rule or pouting over a disagreement won't be tolerated.  Easy going, mature people who are down to go on some adventures and kick some ass. About The Game: Fluid Homebrew sandbox style campaign focused around character development and how they will change the world with their actions. I usually improvise half my game to adapt to all my players poor decisions. I take a lot of liberties with the rules especially pertaining to monsters and tend to change their abilites. So your meta knowledge has no power here!  Games will run probably around 4 hours. Start time and day is flexible, but would not be able to be the same day every time. With advanced notice I can workout most days but schedule will be month to month.  No class or race restrictions as long as it's not 3rd party and not Vanilla. And by that I mean I want you to play the character, not the class. I want dynamic interesting characters that are 3 dimensional. I don't use alignments, how you play your character decides what "alignment" he/she is.  Standard pointbuy for abilities. Equipment from class and background.  Starting level 1 with Max starting health. Min/Maxing is fine, but I'd rather have an interesting fighter who uses a shovel as a weapon because it works for his background then one that can do "tons of damage" in combat.  About The Platform: Roll20 for dice rolls, maps, visuals, character sheets, and combat. Mostly theater of the mind when not in combat. Discord or Skype for voice (required)  About the Flavor: "So, you want to know about the new world aye? It's said that the first sailors that discovered it witnessed the impossible. A great storm blew thay ships around like a Dragon toying with a kobald, battin it back and forth. The Sailors swore they saw great Celestials, collosal Gods in the clouds waging a massive battle. Then suddenly a Bright flash and the storm calmed, and one of the Gods fall from the sky and into the cold black Sea. A massive wave ripped thay boats asunder, washen them Sailors up on unknown shores. It was The new world that had been they salvation. That is...if you believe such bard tales. One things known for sure, the new world is a Savage and unforgiving land. Filled with all sorts of magics and beasts. That hasn't stopped the masses from making the long and treacherous journey however. Be it a new start, the thrill of adventure and exploration, or the temptation of new riches, this be the 7th fleet to make the long journey. Sages, acolytes, philosophers, they all have theories on what the new world is. Birthplace of magics, the Land of the Gods, Source of all creation. Much of the new world is yet to be explored, and many have died trying to. It be a death wish if you ask me. But here ye are anyways. What's that?  Aasmara be it's name. And we be set to arrive by sunrise, so I suggest you get a good night's rest, you'll be needen it." About the questions: If you have any questions that I haven't already answered here, please feel free to ask here! 
Hey! I'm interested! I'm new to Role-Playing but really want to get into it. I fall into the "willing and motivated to learn" category lol. My discord is LordJames#8402. I put some info in my profile if you want to look into it. Message me if you think I might fit into the group. Thanks for reading!
Heyo! this game seems perfect for me, role play is the main reason I got into DnD and sadly I've been to busy DMing to be a player but I want to get back into it with a really good character I've been thinking up for a while and I can work in his back story really easily into the setting you shown! my discord is Connor#3842 and I hope to hear from you, if not best of luck with the campain! 
I’m fairly newish to DnD (been playing for a few months and started running my own campaign recently) but I’ve got a decent handle on the rules and just looking to join some more games. I’ve got two characters I’d be interested in playing: a Teifling Warlock on the run from her past and her patron, or a High Elf Barbarian that grew up in a family of sages who just really enjoys a good brawl. I have more detailed backstories written up for both of them if you’re interested. My schedule is pretty open right now though it’s easier on my work schedule to play in the evenings. It does get a bit more restricted starting in October but still generally open in the evenings. The only times I’m for sure not available are Friday and Saturday evenings (PST)  as I’m in games on those days. I’m Birdy#1638 on discord
If you have two slots open My friend and I might be willing to join your game. we'll like more details about it first though but we are interested. my discord is Souvenir Spices#7695
I'm extremely interested this game sounds like a total blast. I've been playing for about 4 1/2 years and love the game to death. My schedule is completely flexible you can contact me on discord at datlightguy#1126 or PM me on here. Can't wait to here back from you.
im dm i whant 
Hello I'm CaptainNub#2962 on discord and I'd be really interested on joining your campaign I've been trying unsuccessfully to get into a game since i bought all of the 5th ed books 2 years ago. I have a little experience as a player from playing in my high school chess club but nothing after that. I really like the idea of role play being heavier since that seems like the most fun part of the game. A character that I've been working on that I would want to try is a very short elf or half elf magic user that is a master of languages and is obsessed with anything that could be considered a map for example blue prints antonym drawings and any works done by a licensed cartographer. I think it would be a lot of fun for him to be a serious nerd that isn't taken seriously because of his height and elf like youth. If you would have me my schedule is very flexible and I'm in the PST time zone.

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Hello, have been really trying to break through into the world of D&D in the past year. Started to DM a game of LMoP with some friends which has been pretty fun so far but I wish to see what it's like as a player as well to see other people's worlds and mabye get some ideas for my campaign. I have a few general character ideas that I want to try out in a living world, the premise of exploring a new land seems perfect. If you want to talk in person message me on through roll20 or on discord at Dandard#7178. Only question is will we get more background of the lands we came from and basic social structures between races to flesh out our characters better to make them more dynamic?
Hey, Been looking for a new game to hop into and this one seems like a top contender, I'm a 28 year old male from Poland, so im in the GMT+2 timezone. I've ran a couple  games in 5e and am currently running one on Sundays, I have many years of experience as a roleplayer with multiple systems, Dnd, EotE, AMP, Godbound, Zweihander etc. I'd like to apply for this game if you're looking for a player for earlier games rather then late evening ones. As Evening for you will be after midnight for me :D. Let me know, ill be following this topic with great interest, I am also flexible as to what kind of character i'll play, I'm interested in a roleplay game with combat mixed in here and there, not just a hack'n'slash. :)
Hey!  I'm an experienced gamer from the north east US. my schedule is generally a little inconsistent, so an inconsistent schedule is perfect for me.  I love the exposition you've given thus far and am super interested in playing! i love making interesting, albeit a little goofy in construction. Characters and breathing real dramatic life into them. evening tend to work better for me, as I am a cook,  but if you think we could make this work, please feel free to get a hold of me!
Hello.  I am very interested in this type of game.  For scheduling evenings work and as long as its scheduled shouldnt be an issue. As for character I am a huge fan of creating rich backstories and flavor to them.  I have played D&D 30 years so I have seen many different things when it comes to D&D.  I like to RP in character and take games as they are presented.  Your games seems very appealing.   I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you
This sounds fun, I'm very interested to play, assuming there is still room. A flexible schedule is fine by me. I'm 20 years old and have been playing DnD for around 3 years or so. I like to think i'm experienced enough, and have been wanting to play again since I cant really do so irl. Yes or no I am still excited to hear from you :)

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I'm interested in playing. I like the idea of a Homebrew long term campaign. I have some experience and I'm willing to learn. I like the idea of patter a character with a history and that is going to develop a long the way in the adventure. My schedule is fixed right now. I'm free after 530 cdt. I'm getting a new job in two months and it'll be some what flexible with schedule. Discord TheRaven#2587
Do you still accept people? I'm highly interested. My availability is 3:45pm EST onwards for weekdays, entirely free on Saturday, and busy on Sundays. I'd prefer not to post my Discord willy nilly, so just PM me if you want mine.
Hey everyone and thank you for your interest in my game!  Sorry for the slow reply but today I will be on discord all day attempting to talk to as many as you as possible and put together the group. And as for questions that need answering. Yes, feats are okay. Once I have a full group (I'm thinking 5) I will give much more backstory and information about the world for your backstory and character development.
Just realized I forgot to put my discord XD, sorry about that. I'm CoreyCat16#9837
Falastur #3254. Been looking for a long term campaign with flexible schedule. Available most nights after 8pm PST. Willing to run late night sessions. Been doing a group at my local game store on Friday nights but want to get into another game. I have no problems in creating a character that would fit well into the main story theme.
Hey, Im totally interested  in a long term campaign, my schedule allows me to play anytime after 9pm central time, i stay up late so dont mind playing till about 4am central. If the time zone works id be totally interested, i love to RP and am pretty laid back overall.  If the time frame works lmk i'd love to join. 
WinterStormy#8972  Righto, didn't leave it last time ;)
Hi there, a friend and I are experienced 5e players. We have played on and off again for about 2-3 years. He has most of his experience dming but also has some playing (and wants to play) and I have my entire experience playing as a pc. We have pretty flexible schedules aside from the weekends. Both of us are in our 20s and are military/prior military and wont waste your time if you pick us up. HMU on discord @deetzz#4326.