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Dungeon Crawl Classic - Monster 3x5 Character Sheet Commission?

Hello, I'm hoping an (experienced?) character sheet designer could help with a simple monster character sheet for DCC.  Would happily pay a small commission for the project or paint a few miniatures in trade.  Below is my hard copy template, I would really like to be able to use an R20 version in game.   Maybe something like this has already been done, a generic note card of sorts? 
Sheet Author
There is a sheet request thread, post in there and someone might take an interest. Regarding the offer to pay a small commission, I'll repost my earlier reply to one the many times people ask this: This kind of request comes up a lot, and usually goes ignored. If you are serious about paying for work, you need to consult a professional web designer, and after you find out what they charge, you'll probably abandon the idea. The people making sheets on here are volunteers, doing it in their spare time. They are doing it because they enjoy it, and the sheets they choose are chosen because they are interested enough in those systems to use their hobby time in that way. Working for pay is a very different kettle of fish, with a few significant problems. In most cases, the potential client has no idea what a suitable payment would be, and expects the designer to put in a LOT of hours of work for basically peanuts. (Seriously, ask people how long it takes to make a character sheet, then check up what webdesigners expect to be paid for professional work per hour.) They also now have to be committed to the project, it's not a hobby any more. And then, the client might be unprofessional and not pay. Again, ask a webdesigner how many clients have tried to stiff them. People doing this as a hobby generally do not want that kind of hassle. If you can find a sheet that is similar to what you want, people will be happy to help you tweak it to fit your game, and will do it for free.
Thanks, will move to the sheet request sub-forum.   Re: the commission bit . . . interesting feedback.