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5e OGL character sheet - bug with spells and garbled text

I guess this is a bug. I've seen it off and on ever since I've used Roll20. What I call a spell 'button' (meaning clicking the name of the spell from the spell tab of the character sheet) seems to become corrupted and produce gibberish text. For example: I have a cleric character sheet with the spell Cure Wounds on his sheet. If I click the name of the Cure Wounds spell on the spell tab of the character sheet, this text is produced in chat: JethroB (GM): -L1Sr3RwSDRbJZNmKwF4|repeating_attack_-L2JDn1UIIYBsY-3XZ39_attack But if I click 'Cure Wounds' from the 'Attacks & Spellcasting' area of the core page, I get the expected query for casting level, the roll, and the formatted printout of the spell result. If I make a macro to cast the spell, it will be affected by the same bug. This seems to only affect spells that involve some sort of a roll, not spells that print to spell cards. I can fix this by deleting Cure Wounds from the spell sheet and re-adding it. This is quick with spells that are in the compendium, but a big pain with spells that aren't. I'm tired of doing this over and over, and am honestly about ready to bolt to FantasyGrounds over this. Can anyone explain or have a solution?
For problems with the 5e OGL character sheet, I would recommend posting the problem in the 5e OGL thread rather than a separate post. You are more likely to get the devs attention if it is actually a problem that needs fixed (like this one). However I do have another potential solution for you. Because the spells work when casting from the Attacks & Spellcasting section, but not from the spells page or other macros, the problem seems to stem from the link from the spell page to the core page and more specifically the attack ID for the spell. In this case what I would do is change the spell's output (from the spell page) to SPELLCARD and back to ATTACK. This will trigger the sheet workers in the character sheet to delete the existing entry on the core page (Attacks & Spellcasting) and create a new one (with a new ID) that will be linked to from the spell page.
This worked! Thank you, and I pasted it into the other thread as you suggested.