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1 shot 5e Monday (June 18th, 2018) max 5 players. 7:00pm GMT+1

TL;DR: looking for 5 players for a Norse setting 1 shot, level 4, apply below.  Backstory: A group of heroes recently traveled out to help a town called Stalevaine that were having trouble with a necromancer, from the moment you got there you've felt as though someone has been watching your every move, yet when you try to look for someone there's no sounds, no signs of magic, no tracks. maybe you're just going mad, maybe you're just a little uneasy being in a place you don't know. You and the rest of the adventurers set out and killed a necromancer by the name of neawalker, after defeating him he left behind only his ashes and a great sword seeming as though the souls of his slain victims are swimming in a black mist desperate to be let out, upon one you wielding the sword a burst of magic is released and sends you all to sleep for 2 days. after this you finally wake with more and more questions, maybe the inn keeper can give you some kind of knowledge you seek, plus he has your reward for slaying the necromancer. About the one shot: This one shot is heavily focused on a Norse setting and is based around that type of gods and goddess so please if you have a Deity just change the name from say Auril the goddess of winter a 5e PHB god you could change it to Freya, or even lower deitys such a Valkyries or half gods. just a little google search is all it takes :D You will be starting at level 4, everything official can be used except mystics, no carry weight limit just dont go too wild, no magical items on start. The one shot itself would take between 4-5 hours depending on the players it could finish before that and of course if its TPK it definitely will, i usually try to make my one shots harder than what you'd usually face as i like my players to use their heads rather than just stand in one spot and try to dps all the targets down as fast a possible. however i would never intentionally try to kill a player unless they asked to be.
Sounds interesting, would it be a voice or text game?
It would be a voice game.