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[LFG] hi I'm new to D&D


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Hi! I pretty much have 0 experience in playing D&D and I've been wanting to try it out for a long time now but i never can find people to play with.  I don't really have a preference when it comes to classes but am interested in playing a warlock or wizard. I also use discord to communicate. If you want me to join your game lot me know. 
Hi! What timezone are you in?
I'm in pacific standard time
Hey Ash - I recently posted a new group I'm starting which combines D&D with a strategy-level game played via Slack/Trello/GDocs in between sessions. It's basically D&D+XCOM in a player-driven West Marches format. If that's interesting, maybe give it a look: Fill out the Players Survey to sign up: Note though, that the meta-game is such that the players start out not being able to make magic-using characters until they do missions to *unlock* spellcasting classes. If that's OK, take a look.