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2 in one laptops count as what?

im thinking of getting a two in one laptop mainly for roll20. having a second screen would be nice conjuction with my current laptop while at the same time having a easier way to carry one and use one with me, but for roll20 does it count a two in one as a tablet or computer. i would say tablet just cuz they use more of a tablet design but i really want it to be computer for the most part so i know ill have no issues. can anyone help provide an answer? i did feel like since this is about tablets i should ask here. sorry if it is the wrong location.
B Simon Smith
Marketplace Creator
Depends on the Operating System.
Brian C.
Marketplace Creator
The answer depends largely on the operating system your computer runs. If it is running Windows or Mac OS with Chrome or Firefox, it is a "computer." If it is running iOS or Android, you are limited to the app (although I think I just read that Pro users can use Chrome?). I use a Surface Pro 4 with a second monitor, and this setup is treated as a computer. One thing you might want to consider is that when you log into Roll20 on a device, it seems to automatically log you out on other devices. So you would likely need two separate logins on the same Roll20 game with a two-computer setup. Depending on what you need, a second monitor could be a larger (and cheaper) means of getting a second screen. You can click the button in the upper-left corner of handouts and characters to open them in a new window and drag them to the other screen.
i was running 2 roll20s and both didnt logout. though normally its more i need the other for a pdf or google doc that has a better auto sheet etc. i would just get a second moniter but it seems to slow down things a bit with my computer. i normally have to many things just for this one alone. skype call with gf roll20 open google docs for auto sheet discord for my other different groups and friends pdfs for rules and quick ref
Roll20 Team
Hi Lord4571, Great question! Brian C. pretty much hit the nail on the head :) It is going to depend, in large part, on a combination of your Browser and OS. As your 2-in-1 laptop will most likely be treated as a computer, you can expect that virtual tabletop is going to respond as it would on a normal computer. That said, occasionally, 2-in-1 tablets can  act like tablets on the virtual tabletop, but it depends entirely on how your browser interprets those touch events.