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[LFGM] [Pathfinder] [Sundays] Group looking for a GM


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Greetings, we would like to introduce ourselves. My name is Isaac (but you can call me The Keeper) and Spamquisition here is my friend. Both of us are a duo of tabletop role players who are looking for a GM and Players (basically a group) to play Pathfinder, together! Both of us have been playing TRPG for around 2 years now, mostly D&D and Call of Cthulhu. But now, we would like to play something different, which is Pathfinder. Personally, I have played Pathfinder before, some games in Roll20 that ran for months, but I stopped because of my commitment to be a Keeper/GM for Call of Cthulhu, and last time I played was more than a year ago. While my friend, Spam, he never played any Pathfinder game before, but we are going to play a Starfinder one-shot. We are looking for a GM and players who are able to play every other week, on Sunday 3 PM BST / 8 AM EDT (our local time is GMT +7). We would like to play with a GM who's interested to run either a campaign (maybe a Pathfinder Adventure Path). For the players, we prefer to have 5 players in our group, so it won't be too crowded and each players can have their own time to shine, and to make the GM not burdened by a lot of players. Also, we prefer if we play with players and GM that are 18+ (or have the similar age as ours, between 20 - 27). Personally for both of us, we prefer to play a game that has 60% RP and 40% combat, or at the very least 50% RP and 50% combat. We would like to play in the Pathfinder official setting, Golarion. And if the GM would like to run a Pathfinder Adventure Path, we would love to have a chance to play Kingmaker or War for the Crown. Spam and I have hard on for political themed or intrigue based games. For the materials that are used in this game, we prefer to play the official materials, such as Core, Advanced, Unchained. Other than that, that is all, I believe. Looking forward to play!

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Bump bump bump... Still looking for a GM ;) We already have 4 players right now
Gen Kitty
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Isaac, The Keeper said: Still looking for a GM ;) We already have 4 players right now Title amended to reflect new reality :)
Hi What times sundays? Im available most UTC+1 hours.
@Chamoky Hello there. We are available at 3 PM UTC +1 ! Would you be able to DM for us around that time?