Hey guys, I had some issues with this specific 5e Feat in the past. For those uninitiated, Elemental Adept makes all 1's rolled in damage dice become 2's. I used to have overly complicated math operators in my macros, and my players had problems reading the results on the chat window. When you have multiple or a variable number of dice, things get a bit more complicated. There is still no easy way to do it with dice macros ( ro rolls once; we don't want to re-roll, just to establish constrains in a per-die fashion). My solution was to create Rollable Tables for each dice, but without the number 1. I also changed the weight of the number 2 to 2. Step 1. Create a rollable table with dice values Step 2. Change the weight of the number 2 from 1 to 2 Step 3. All other values retain the  I did this for each die from d4 to d12. To use it, i just call it the same way you call dice. /roll 1t[d6p] will roll a single Elemental Adept dice. /roll 2t[d6p]+5 will roll 2 and add 5 to the result. In the end I just need to replace the base dice for this table for every spell my players have. It is a bit tricky (you usually have to add it as bonus damage in most sheets), but you would also have the same problem in any other method. The advantage of this method is that it is easy to read in chat, even if you mouse-over a macro. Obviously, it will be rendered obsolete once Roll20 implements easier to use dice constrains. Sorry for the bad English.