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[LFP][D&D 5e] Adventurers League One Shot - DDAL 07-03 A Walk in the Park - Friday, June 29 at 7 PM EDT / 23:59 PM UTC


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Date: Friday, June 29, 2018 Time: 4 PM PDT / 6 PM CDT / 7 PM EDT / 23:59 UTC If the date and time are no good for you, let me know when is! I may run the scenario again if there's interest. I am a GM looking to start a group for an easy one shot (a game that takes only one session to complete). I plan to host a series of these, and each session should complete a small story or two. This is great for both beginners and experienced players. I have played and GMed hundreds of hours of tabletop RPGs, and hosted many one shots on Roll20 as well as successful months-long campaigns. We will be finishing up DDAL 7-4 A Walk in the Park and then starting DDAL 7-5 Whispers in the Dark. The adventure will be run on Roll20, but players will be invited to join D&amp;D Beyond where I have a Master Tier subscription that grants access to digital versions of the PHB, MM, SCAG, XGE, VGM, and Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes. It also includes their Character Builder and searchable databases of the spells, items, and monsters. This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $5 via PayPal for the one session. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements. Campaign Background The Death Curse is ravaging the lands of Faerûn. Resurrection magic no longer has any effect, and those who have been magically resurrected are withering away and dying once more. Thanks to the efforts of Harper agents, word has spread that the source of this foul effect originates somewhere in the jungle peninsula of Chult. People with varied aims are flocking to the tropical land from all over Faerûn. Some seek to help the Chultans in their time of need, others to profit from well-backed expeditions to the interior. Meanwhile, dark forces are using this as an opportunity to seize power. By ship or by magic, your party has arrived at the only metropolis left standing: Port Nyanzaru. Seek out wealth, fame, power, and maybe even carve a name for yourself in the history books. Campaign Features The adventure focuses on a jungle trek. It's a healthy mix of combat, exploration, and role-playing. I expect the session should take about 4 hours. This adventure will be run as part of the Adventurers League (AL). If you've never played AL before, there's the D&amp;D Adventurers League Player's Pack , but basically you can just fill out a sheet at the end of the session that tracks your progress if you want to play more D&amp;D in the organized play system. If you've never played D&amp;D 5e before, checkout this video series: <a href=";list=PLJmFJXf3BXjwXkNFo_-iwtHb24AuJcXqx" rel="nofollow">;list=PLJmFJXf3BXjwXkNFo_-iwtHb24AuJcXqx</a> The Basic Rules for D&amp;D 5e contain all the rules you need to get started for free: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Read the Introduction and Chapters 7-10 (29 pages in total). Character Creation The adventure is for 1st-4th level characters. If you are new to AL, you start at level 1. If you've never made a D&amp;D 5e character before, pre-generated character sheets are recommended and available at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Pick any of the 16 and use the 1st-level sheet. Characters should be created based on the AL rules: point buy, no rolled starting wealth, PHB+1 rule. All official AL options are available. In AL, before you hit level 5 you can rebuild your character between sessions and change anything about it. So you don't have to feel locked in to your choices when starting out. If you are making a custom character, I have all the player options on D&amp;D Beyond and can share them with the players. This includes use of the D&amp;D Beyond character builder and the full text of the books. Alternatively, I recommend OrcPub2, CharForge, ForgedAnvil D&amp;D 5E Character Generator , or MPMB. Application (4-7 seats total; 4 players signed up) Please post applications and questions here. 18+ only. Voice with Discord is mandatory. Please use push-to-talk. 1) Describe yourself and a bit about your roleplaying experience 2) What do you enjoy most about tabletop RPGs? 3) How did you find my LFG? 4) What made you pick my LFG post? 5) Do you accept the payment requirements for the session? Why paid GMing? Defray the content costs. I'm hoping to use the money to buy some Marketplace content on Roll20 and more RPG materials. Prevent flakes. Players (and GMs) are far more likely to show up and be on time if there's payment involved. It takes a lot of extra time to GM. I spend about 2 hours per game-hour prepping. Reading the adventure, taking notes, cross-referencing rules, finding and making tokens, finding and making maps, setting them up in Roll20, adding NPCs to Roll20, going over character sheets, and organizing the session all takes a lot of time outside the game. It's part of the hobby, but as I'm having to put in prep time I'd rather not have to spend so much on the content costs too. LFG Listing
There's still 2-3 slots left if anyone wants to play this Friday!
I'm a tabletop gamer at heart and work as a data analysis when not playing Vampire the Masquerade, Eclipse Phase, and of course my favorite D&amp;D. I enjoy playing all the various types of characters, such as the princely noble wizard to the ragged druid protecting the woods. Difficult combat situations as well as negotiating peace treaties with Orcs is what I enjoy. Roll 20 has been my gateway for this hobby for several months and I just did a quick search for Friday's games. I recently created an adventurers league account and am interested in playing through this adventure path. Also, I like your commitment to gaming, based on the information you provided to prospective applicants. The fees are no problem, since they help to pay for source material and for you time.