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Merging map layers

I'm aware of the "grouping" functions which is similar to merging except you can undo it - so in ways it's even better. However, since having many objects can slow things down what would be amazing is if you could construct maps in roll20 using many many many many objects, and then merge everything visible (that you don't need to be able to move later on) into one map object to have less things on the map that need computing. It would be great because photoshop doesn't have a grid to snap objects to so I have to move everything around carefully and that takes a while... In the moment the only option I see is building map layers and then taking a screen shot, but that might mess with resolution and I have to be careful with the zoom level, etc. Anyone else think this is worthwhile? Is this at all doable? Julian

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In case it will be of use to you, I seem to remember that photoshop does have a grid, and I think you can change the preferences to put gridlines every 70 pixels to match Roll20s unit dimensions. You also can turn on the option to "snap to grid." Perhaps this will be helpful: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>...
Nice, that should help a lot. I just realized if you could merge and expert from roll20 then you'd also be able to download everyone else's content that you're using in your map... also just noticed that the deluxe version (Mentor?) seems to include being able to copy anything. For now that link should work for getting me started :)